Dynamix Class Descriptions

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  • Bootcamp Dynamix – This workout is designed to keep you burning calories. You will be constantly moving through functional stations designed to work every muscle in your body.
  • Burn Dynamix – This is a combination of Bootcamp Dynamix and interval cardio. Get your functional training and cardio all in one class.
  • Strength Dynamix – We incorporate the fundamentals of weight training using dumbbells and barbells. Push yourself in a controlled environment taught by a Personal Trainer. This class is designed to strengthen, tone, and firm your muscles. 
  • Core & Stretch Dynamix –  Stretch all the muscles in your body for increased flexibility. Then, attack the core for tummy toning and lower back support.
  • Boxing Dynamix & Kickboxing Dynamix – All skill levels welcome. Learn technique from a professional. 3 minute rounds designed to get your heart rate up, burn calories, and teach you proper punching and kicking form.